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AEP is proud to provide members with the opportunity to develop their professional network and to foster a collaborative space for learning, connecting, and innovating in the energy field. By joining our association, you gain access to the support of other experienced energy professionals, timely insights and the latest energy news, and a variety of special resources and tools designed to assist energy professionals in their roles.


AEP also provides several interactive programs that bring members together in virtual and physical forums. Whether you’re a veteran in the energy sector, an emerging energy professional, or student, AEP is the premier resource to engage in a regional, vibrant community.


The Association for Energy Professionals (AEP) offers distinct membership tiers, designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals within the energy sector.

AEP’s Membership Tiers

Corporate Membership

The Association for Energy Professionals (AEP) offers two distinct corporate membership tiers, designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses and organizations within the energy sector. Through this membership, businesses have the opportunity to stay informed about the latest trends and advancements in energy and gain access to valuable resources such as industry reports, education programs, and research findings. 

Professional Membership

Becoming a professional member of the Energy Association provides you with a variety of advantages, both personal and professional. As a member, you have access to exclusive content and resources such as educational courses and publications, research reports and publications, events, industry information, and the ability to join regional and national groups. You also have the opportunity to connect with industry professionals from across the country and collaborate on important energy initiatives.

Student Members

The Association for Energy Professionals (AEP) membership tier for students offers many benefits to those looking to further their career in the energy sector. Membership grants access to exclusive events and forums where students can interact with industry professionals, build their network and access valuable industry resources. It also offers tailored advice to students from experienced professionals, and discounts on membership fees and partner services. 

Honorary Members

The AEP offers honorary memberships to specific individuals in order to recognize and reward those who have contributed significantly to the energy sector, to ensure that their achievements are properly recognized and appreciated. Honorable members of the association represent some of the brightest minds in the field and are invaluable resources to our mission of finding better, cleaner and more efficient ways of utilizing energy. Their input and leadership will continue to benefit the association for many years to come.

Retired Members

The retired members of the Energy Association are an integral part of the organization’s history and achievements. Many of these members have made immense contributions to the field of energy and their influence can still be seen today. These retirees have dedicated years to understanding the different facets of the industry and passing on their knowledge and expertise to the younger generations. Not only have they left a lasting impression on the industry, but also on their students who now carry the torch forward. 

Membership Referral Program

The AEP membership referral program is an initiative to grow and support the AEP’s mission. This program enables current members to invite colleagues and friends who qualify for the AEP membership to join the association. It offers benefits to the referring and referred members.

Objectives of the Program

The program objective is to increase membership in AEP, strengthen the energy community, and develop a closer and more knowledgeable connection between AEP and its members. It will also act as a stepping stone in creating local chapters for professionals residing in specific areas.

How to Participate

To participate, current members can log in to their AEP account and refer new members by providing their names and emails. Each member can refer up to 5 new members per year. Once these new members sign up, all members will avail of the assigned benefits of the program.

Benefits of the Program

The benefit of referring new members to the AEP is twofold, as follows:

  •    1) Referring members receive:
  •          Receive points in their AEP accounts that can be redeemed for any of our services
  •          Get travel and accommodation benefits
  •          Get discounts on specific conferences
  •    2) Referred members receive:
  •          Special discounted rate on their membership
  •          Get discounts on products and services.

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